February 7, 2018

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The City of Red Deer

Sturgeon County


October 11, 2017

Thank you to our Sponsors:  Alberta Municipal Affairs and the City of Airdrie


PSD Asset Management Planning, Matthew Van Dommelen, Public Sector Diges

TCA Reporting Policy Update, Bret Dykstra, City of Calgary, bret.dykstra@calgary.ca

June 21, 2017

Sponsored by Alberta Municipal Affairs and the City of Airdrie


AMA Grants Update, JD Kliewer, Director of Grant Accountability, Alberta Municipal Affairs

Risked-Based Approaach to Balancing Renewal and Growth, Shaffin Kherani & Barnali Banerjee, City of Edmonton

MAMP – How to Build a Great Application, Kate Fleming, Program Director, Municipal Asset Management Program-FCM Programs

February 8, 2017

Workshop Meeting Notes February 8, 2017

Sponsored by the City of Lethbridge and The City of Red Deer


MCP AMIS, Richard Fathers, MCP Consulting Group Ltd. & Nick Kebalo, Aquatera Utilities Inc.

Overview of Energy Codes in Alberta, Thomas Lauder, Safety Codes Officer-Building & Marco Civitarese, Manager & Chief Building Official, The City of Calgary

Alberta Common Ground Alliance, Michelle Tetreault, Executive Director, Alberta Common Ground Alliance

October 12, 2016

Sponsored by County of St. Paul and The Association of Science & Engineering Technology (ASET)

IAMA Workshop Meeting Notes October 12, 2016


ISO 55000 Overview & Professional Development, Ian Cranston, CH2M

Grants Overview, Alberta Municipal Affairs

Flagstaff InterMunicipal Partnership (FIP) AM Case Study, Dianne Michalak, DGE 3DMM

Asset Management – From Theory to Practice, Oscar Aular, City of Calgary

Challenges Implementing Asset Management in an Organization-Round Table October 12, 2016, Golnaz Azimi & Jody Rechenmacher, Urban Systems

June 8, 2016

Sponsored by City of Calgary and Alberta Municipal Affairs

Workshop Meeting Notes


Municipal Climate Change Action Centre – June 8, 2016, Laura De Carolis, MCCAC

Renewable Energy in Municipal Buildings – June 8, 2016, James Sandercock, Alternative Energy Technologies School of Sustainable Building & Environment NAIT

Asset Planner System & Energy & Sustainability Module – June 8, 2016, David Molinaro, Ameresco

TCA Reporting for Building Assets and Disposal, Lam Huynh & Duri Lee, City of Calgary

February 10, 2016

Sponsored by City of Red Deer and Red Deer County

Workshop Meeting Notes – Coming Soon!


Operational Levels of Service – February 10, 2016, Cherie Fuchs, Opus Stewart Weir Ltd.

Alberta-Asset-Management-handbook, Consulting Engineers Association – CEA

Levels of Service, Allen Mapstone, ATANA Management

Levels of Service, Lorin McConnell, Facilitator

October 7, 2015

Sponsored by Sturgeon County and Town of Beaumont

Workshop Meeting Notes


ATANA NAMS Canada – October 7, 2015, Nicole Allen, ATANA Management Inc.

Integrating Risk into Infrastructure Decision Making – October 7, 2015, Sebastian Lampo,KPMG

June 10, 2015

Sponsored by TBA

Workshop Meeting Notes


Advancing Your AMP – June 10, 2015, Ross Homeniuk, KPMG

, Duri Lee & Lam Huynh, City of Calgary – Facilitators

February 11, 2015

Sponsored by Alberta Municipal Affairs & City of Calgary

Workshop Meeting Notes


Home-Spun Asset Management System-February 11, 2015, Golnaz Azimi, Urban Systems Ltd. and Sheila Kitz, County of St. Paul

Developing a CAM Policy